How Not to Cut a Food Truck Line

Anderson Cooper’s new show ‘Anderson’ recently snagged some footage of a paid actor cutting lines at a crowded food cart in New York City. In the video the actor casually cuts close to the front of the line while talking on his cell phone, acting completely oblivious to his surroundings. The actor was closely watched by producers throughout the shooting of the video, just in case things got out of hand.

The New Yorkers getting cut in line at the food cart are less hostile to the undercover actor than expected. Many of them complain about how long they have been waiting in line, but some even allow him to remain in line despite his obnoxious behavior.

Ordering online or calling ahead and pre-ordering from food trucks or carts is a simple way for hungry patrons to get their food ahead of other customers, just the way making reservations at a restaurant allows you to skip a lengthy wait on a busy evening. However in these scenarios a customer would walk directly to the window of the food cart and receive their food, rather than blatantly join the line somewhere near the middle. To the customers who waited over an hour for their food and still let someone cut them on line, there is something to be said about their patience.

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