Chief Chef of Kogi BBQ May Leave it all Behind

Kogi BBQ is widely considered to be the most successful food truck brand in the world, being one of the first food trucks to gain national prominence, and spawning a wave of Korean-taco trucks trying to emulate their original recipe. Kogi is so successful that their fleet has now launched five food trucks and several restaurants throughout California, and their chief chef Roy Choi was recognized as one of Food & Wine’s best new chefs of 2010.

However there is a chance all of this might change with a recent blog post Roy Choi made on Monday. Roy wrote that he’s considering leaving the cooking world behind because he recently became a vegetarian.

“I’ve been thinking about leaving cooking for awhile. I can’t find meaning anymore…I stopped eating meat this week. That’s why I’m thinking about leaving cooking. How can I cook with out using meat? Animals be talking to me. They told me..stop. Stop, Roy. Please.”

Seeing as how Kogi BBQ’s are heavy in meat, it might understandably be hard for Choi to continue cooking with a moral objection to animals as food. Choi goes on to cite Chef Jamie Oliver, and declare that he would love to work with him in improving children’s diets. Many commenter’s on his blog suggested opening a vegetarian or vegan restaurant to attract more people to healthier eating. In the long run, Choi’s tentative decision to quit cooking will hopefully not affect the fleet of Kogi trucks and restaurants in California. Choi will be publishing a book about his life through the Anthony Bourdain book series soon, so more on his take on children and animals should be available soon.

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