New Food Truck App Hits San Antonio

Food trucks have had an important role in San Antonio food culture for many years, with dozens of taco trucks and other vendors selling their good on street corners throughout the city. While many cities in Texas have wholeheartedly embraced the mobile food craze, San Antonio has until recently been slower to enact legislation allowing food trucks to operate freely in all parts of the city.

However there have been recent talks about moving food trucks downtown to develop a ‘culinary master plan’ and city legislation to pending approval will seal the deal. A new app to track food trucks may go hand in hand with this development.

SwebApps is a mobile application development company in San Antonio that recently devised the concept for the app, built a mobile site for it and submitted it to the app store for approval. With this app food trucks can sign up to get access its database and update their locations daily, or up to a week in advance. Consumers will then be able to use the app to find a truck’s location, and use advanced search filters like type of cuisine, payment options, and more. The mobile site is already up at, the Android version of the app should be out within a week and the iPhone version will soon follow.

In New York City a similar app already exists called Tweat.It, which collects information from the Twitter updates food trucks make with their locations. Safoodtruckfinder is more accurate however, because food trucks actually enter their locations directly into the app. Collecting this information solely from Twitter allows that some locations are outdates and many trucks that don’t use Twitter often simply are not featured in the app. We can’t wait to see how this new app works, and until then San Antonio food truck fans can keep up with the mobile site.

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