Pizza is More Popular Now Than Ever

Consumer research surveys recently determined that more Americans are eating pizza now than ever before. 41% of those that took the survey said they now eat pizza at least once a week, while 26% said they did two years ago.

There are many reasons why this change in pizza consumption might have occurred. According to the LA Times this is due to a change in pizza variety. Unique pizzas with diverse toppings and new gourmet options have attracted new customers, and the quality of frozen pizzas has drastically improved, with taglines comparing them to popular delivery options.

Major pizza chains have also made improvement in the quality of their products. Dominoes recently changed its recipe in response to complaints about their pizzas, and Papa John’s continues to market the superior ingredients in their pizzas. In addition to chains, many small pizza retailers are offering competitive prices on their pies and slices, as the $1 slice is becoming increasingly popular in many urban areas. The New York Times recently reported on a price war between two Midtown pizzerias, as they lowered their prices to 75 cents a slice just to stay competitive with each other.

Pizza is certainly one of the more cost-effective foods out there, but the economy cannot be wholly responsible for the pizza growth, since the economy was worse two years ago before this spike in consumption. Ultimately the quality and variety of pizza is making it more appetizing to consumers, and the industry continues to find ways to make pizza profitable.

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