California Food Trucks Successfully Fight Legislation

A few weeks ago we discussed a controversial California food truck bill that would prohibit food trucks from operating within 1500 feet of any school during school hours. After it was determined that food trucks would be banned from 80% of the city if this bill were to pass, it was modified and food trucks were allowed to park 500 feet away from school zones.

Food trucks association still were not content to let this bill pass, and Assemblymember Bill Monning, who introduced the bill, met with the organizations Off the Grid and Asociacion de Loncheros to discuss the implications of this bill. Matt Cohen of Off the Grid said, “We essentially said that criminalizing a class of food vendors when a whole other class of food establishments aren’t addressed is inappropriate.”

Monning released a statement this morning saying that he will continue to pursue his goal of preventing food trucks from selling unhealthy snacks to students in lieu of state lunch programs. “The challenge before us is working with a diverse group of stakeholders to establish a shared understanding about the adverse impacts of these practices and the necessity of a statewide legislative solution.”

Essentially, Monning has acknowledged that he must put more thought into this bill before it can pass, and consider both sides of the spectrum. San Francisco still has a local ordinance prohibiting food trucks from parking within 1,500 feet of public middle schools and high schools, but legislation was recently introduced seeking to change that limit to 500 feet. This legislation was released in March, and still has not been voted on.

Some of the earlier challenges to food truck parking outside schools included health concerns, as well as economic stratification between those who can afford pricier food truck meals, and those who received reduced or free state-sponsored lunch.

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