Today I had the privilege of trying Mexicue for the first time, after months of seeing the signature orange truck with long lines and mouthwatering smells coming from it. Mexicue is essentially a fusion between traditional American BBQ and the bold Mexican flavors that many other street vendors offer up. Aside from the taco options, I found that the food was far more barbecue than Mexican, with options like pulled pork and short ribs with slaw, baked beans and plenty of barbecue sauce.

With the line shorter than I expected, I ordered a beef brisket slider, a pulled pork slider and a side of rice and beans. The best thing about the Food Truck Court at the World Financial Center is the outdoor seating right by the water, albeit a little windy, it was a great place to end my meal from Mexicue.

The beef brisket slider was easily my favorite part of the meal, the meat was topped with sour cream and jalapenos, and I added some Mexicue hot sauce to it for a little extra kick. While small, the sliders are packed with meat and are surprisingly filling. The sour cream added a perfect touch of coolness to the slider, which had a tangy, barbecue flavor.

The pulled pork slider was topped with caramelized onions and was just as filling as the beef brisket. I’ve had great pulled pork in my life, mainly at Dinosaur BBQ which is pretty much the Mecca of barbecued food. This pulled pork unfortunately just wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but definitely not bold enough in flavor, and could have used a slathering of barbecue sauce or spice to make it really stand out.

The side of rice and beans was simply a waste of money. The beans were served over the rice, with a little crumbled, tasteless cheese and jalapenos on top. The barbecued beans were sugary sweet, and the rice was bland and almost seemed overcooked. The rice and beans was filling though, and provided some necessary carbs to accompany all the meat packed into the sliders.

All in all I got a decent sized meal for 9.25, but next time I’ll skip the sides and go for more of that delicious beef brisket, or maybe the smoked short ribs which I’ve heard amazing things about. I wasn’t jumping for joy after my Mexicue meal, and I’m still a little confused about the Mexican aspect of the truck (other than subbing the slider buns for a taco shell), but I’m definitely willing to give Mexicue another try the next chance I get.

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