College Students Create a Campus Food Truck Brand

Food trucks have proved to be a successful business model for many people with entrepreneurial aspirations. Given the low overhead costs and potentially high returns, it’s no wonder that three students from Bowdoin University in Brunswick, Maine decided to start their own food truck business on campus.

The three students come from varying backgrounds but all have an interest in food, particularly Isaac Brower, who already owns his own successful food cart in Rockland, Maine. The food trck business they are starting will be called CampusFoodTrucks, Inc., set to open in early March. The food truck will cater to late night crowds, operating from 10pm to 3am on weekend nights.

The ultimate goal of CampusFoodTrucks is to achieve success at Bowdoin and then expand to other schools. The business model can be easily translated across other campuses, and the founders hope to make a permanent impression upon Bowdoin University.

The food truck aims to fill a void students have complained about pertaining to a lack of late night activities. Eventually, the students hope that CampusFoodTrucks will become a permanent institution at Bowdoin, and are seeking to hire students to help cook and run the register.

Isaac Brower supplied the truck to the group, which belonged to him and a friend in Rockland, Maine as a seafood truck for tourists. The students have applied for local and state permits, and were approved by the college administration. They have also secured venture capital to set up the kitchen and powering up the truck, collected mostly from friends and family. Several items have already been selected for the menu, including burger, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, onion rings and a signature sandwich called the CFT, a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with chicken tenders and bacon.

The founders plan to break even by the end of the semester, ultimately seeking to establish a permanent institution at Bowdoin and other colleges, rather than simply collecting profit.

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