e.e.cookies: “Not your Ordinary Cookie”

Today I received a special gift in the mail from our friends at e.e. cookies, nicely wrapped and just waiting to be opened. The box contained over a dozen cookies in assorted flavors, and my coworkers and I immediately sat down to devour them.

The first cookie I tried was the one that looked most appealing to me, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut with Dried Cherries. This cookie was chock full of macadamia and chocolate, and surprisingly filling for its size. This cookie had a perfect consistency, soft but not too soft, slightly buttery and sweet and tart from the chocolate and the cherries.

The Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip cookie had the same softness and light buttery taste to it. For me, this was a perfect chocolate chip cookie. It didn’t have too much chocolate that I was overwhelmed, but it still seemed to melt in my mouth. If I hadn’t tried the macadamia cookie first, this would have been my favorite cookie.

The next cookie I tried was Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries, Blueberries, and Walnut. This cookie had a more home-style flavor to it, reminding me of something I would have had as a kid. This cookie was very soft and chewy, and stuffed with fruit and nuts and what tasted like a light cinnamon flavor.

Although I was starting to get full, I powered on to try the Triple Chocolate Chip with Pecans. This cookie might be perfect for some people who really love a chocolaty cookie, but I found the triple chocolate to be a little too much chocolate for me to handle. The pecans were tasty but the chocolate to nut ratio was too high for me to really enjoy them. Either that, or by my fourth cookie I was getting tired of chocolate.

The Peanut Butter cookie came next, since I decided I needed a short break from all the chocolate. The cookie was much less chunky than the others, but still had crushed M&M’s inside, and a mild peanut butter taste. This cookie was a welcome relief from the much richer ones.

At last I tried the cookie I’d secretly been saving, the dark Chocolate with Dried Cherries and Dark Chocolate Chunks. As a huge dark chocolate fan, I had high expectations for this cookie, and it did not disappoint. The cookie had a rich, dark chocolate flavor that at times was more bitter than sweet, until I bit into a chocolate chunk. The cherries added a perfect tartness to the cookie, making it extremely well balanced, chewy and delicious. This was a perfect cookie to end on because it was less sweet, but still excellent.

You can order e.e.cookies on their website, and sample the other flavors that I haven’t tried. The website offers various packes, including a design your own cookie option, which would be great for parties or events. A special thank you goes out to Kori for treating us to these delicious cookies, and we’ll be keeping our eye on them in the future.

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