World Financial Center Food Truck Lot Opens Today!

After several weeks of planning and coordination between the NYC Food Truck Association and Brookfield Office Properties, The World Financial Center Food Truck Lot is officially opening this Monday, February 6th.

Up to five food trucks will park in the lot at one time, with 21 food trucks involved in the rotating schedule. The lot is located on North End Avenue and Vesey Street, just north of the Hudson River Yacht Harbor. The setup of this food truck lot will be very similar to the Long Island City Food Truck Lot, donated months ago by Rockrose Development. The lot will similarly be open from 11AM to 3PM, with a selection of savory food trucks, and at least one dessert truck to choose from.

This marks Manhattan’s first food truck hub since the lot on West 30th Street beneath the High Line was closed after summer, 2011. This lot will not be reopening, and with an increased police presence in Midtown, many food trucks have needed new locations to park at during the day.

“What all the food trucks are starved for is a safe place to vend, where they can be a part of the community,” said David Weber, founder of the New York City Food Truck Association. After a judge’s ruling in May reaffirmed an age old parking meter law, food trucks have had difficulty finding space to sell to their customers. Clashes with brick and mortar restaurants and the lot below the High Line closing just compounded these pressures.

In the meantime, Brookfield Properties has invited the food trucks into this space while it renovates the retail passageway immediately south of the Winter Garden. This section has been closed since November, and isn’t set to reopen until 2013.

You can see the rotating weekly schedule for the food trucks at The World Financial Center Lot here.

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