Helping Wall Street Vendors Recover Their Business

Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began last year, a wide range of businesses have been affected by the scores of protestors inhabiting the Wall Street area. Food vendors have been among the most negatively affected by the protestors, as local restaurants and café’s have had their restrooms vandalized and local food carts have lost most of their customers who have been deterred by the protestors.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been great in raising awareness about corporate buyouts and voicing the demands of the ‘99%’, but it has also caused real damage in the areas protestors have flocked to. Sam’s Falafel, a Vendy Award nominated, well-known falafel cart right next to Zucotti Park saw an immediate decline in sales that continued to stagnate until the owner, Yassir, was on the verge of closing the beloved cart altogether.

Through a law firm we work with in the area, our Foodtoeat sales team heard about Sam’s Falafel and approached Yassir about having his cart join our site. Yassir was skeptical at first, but eager for any help he could get in retaining his customers that had been so loyal over the years. With the protestors so close, some customers had been hit by eggs and other items while waiting for their food, accounting for Sam’s loss in business. After talking with Yassir for some time, we decided that a delivery option for his cart would work best. Because most of the cart’s customers work in the offices nearby, many of them no longer wished to venture out to buy lunch from Sam’s. After several weeks of promotion with free samples and $1 off coupons, Sam’s Falafel was ready to relaunch and become our first food cart to offer delivery.

Most of Sam’s Falafel’s customers are located within two to three blocks of the restaurant, so having a coworker deliver nearby was an easy solution. Sam’s has built up enough neighborhood appeal in recent years that customers are willing to pay extra for tips for their favorite falafel. Customers simply order online through Foodtoeat for pickup or delivery, knowing that every order helps Sam’s Falafel get through this taxing time. In the coming months more food trucks and carts will begin to offer delivery options, but to try Sam’s Falafel, click here.

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