Hawaii Food Trucks May Get a Break

Food trucks in Hawaii are coming under many of the same restriction plaguing food truck throughout the country. In addressing a law preventing vendors or food trucks in particular from operating for more than 15 minutes in one spot, the Honululu City Council in taking progressive action to modernize the way food trucks work.

A recently introduced City Council bill seeks to increase the amount of time food trucks can stay in one spot, calling the preexisting law and outdated one.

According to the Honululu Star-Advertiser, the law is believed to have been designed to prevent the sale of souvenirs by vendors in tourist areas.

However food trucks have long been an important means for Hawaiians and tourists alike to purchase affordable meals. Shrimp trucks have been popular in Hawaii for many years, and in recent years more trucks have been offering a wider variety of fare, including gourmet meals.

Food truck vendors complain that police have recently been enforcing this law upon them, and are hopeful that this new bill will increase the time to two hours.

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