Some of the most popular phone apps around today are those that revolve around the world of food. Several apps in particular have proved to be extremely useful in helping modern foodies interact with the delicious world around them.

One of the earliest food apps released was Urbanspoon, a free restaurant-finding application with an innovative user interface that classifies restaurants based on neighborhood, cuisine type, and price. The three factors are arranged in a slot machine format which begins to spin when you shake your iPhone. Urbanspoon will then search for restaurants meeting these requirements and create a results page with complete information about the restaurant. The best part about the shake feature is that results are randomized, so there’s a great chance at finding a new restaurant you’ve never been to before.

VegOut is another food app that holds a place of real importance for many food enthusiasts, particularly vegetarians and vegans. It accesses a database of restaurants that are vegan, vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly, and the user can search by current location or input another one for a later date. The VegOut app is international, making it very useful for those with dietary restrictions in an unfamiliar city. Results can be sorted in a myriad of different ways, and can even be viewed on a map.

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An important part of the food world revolves around cooking rather than eating out for meals, and Epicurious is an excellent utility in accomplishing this. This free application gives users access to thousands of recipes, divided into categories for easy browsing. For each recipe the app will tell you what ingredients or tools you will need, making it a great companion for when you shop for groceries. The app even features an interactive shopping list where you can check off items that you already have.

These apps can be instrumental in helping you eat the best food around. Whether you’re eating out or cooking from scratch, these apps can be constant companions in your search for food.


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