Big D’s Grub Truck does Tacos Right

Today’s lunch was from the well known Big D’s Grub Truck, an Asian-South American fusion truck that has tacos, sandwiches, a full breakfast menu, dumplings and fries and now even rice platters. The truck has a different location every day, but frequents midtown on Thursdays and Fridays. Big D, also known as Dennis, derives his style of food from the traditional cooking he grew up with, a blend of Chinese, Guyanese and Southern-style cooking.

I’ve had his grinders (sandwiches) before, so I decided to try his tacos this time. 3 tacos for $7 is a great deal in my book and I got to mix and match the flavors, getting bulgogi, spicy pork and spicy chicken. The soft-shell tacos all fit nicely into a box, and each was filled with a variety of appropriate fillings such as scallions, kimchi, cucumber, cilantro and special sauce, all garnished with a lime.

The tacos were perfectly filling, and each had a unique flavor to it. I found the spicy pork taco to be the best, with the pork marinated just perfectly, and paired with fresh kimchi puree that gave the whole taco a spicy kick. The taco shells were just right as well, not to the point where they overwhelmed the flavor of the tacos but complemented it well. The bulgogi taco was also served with kimchi and scallions, and the spicy chicken was a little different, with spicy mayo and cilantro.

I’ve had tacos from Korilla BBQ and the Kimchi Taco Truck before, but I have to say that Big D’s serves my favorite tacos. While Korilla’s tacos are sometimes hit or miss, and Kimchi Taco Truck can overdo the kimchi a little, Big D’s tacos seem to find the perfect balance between savory meat and spicy condiments. For delicious and affordable tacos, order Big D’s.

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