Seven Vendy Cup Finalists Announced

This week the full list of finalists for the top honor known as the Vendy Cup award in this year’s 7th Annual Vendy Awards were finally announced. The seven finalists are all vastly different food vendors, and many are much less known, but no doubt will make a mark on this year’s contest with their delicious food that got them nominated.

Solber Pupusas serves Central American food throughout Brooklyn, and has been serving it’s fare for twelve years now. The truck specializes in pupusas, Salvadoran corn patties that have rarely been brought to American mainstream culture. Nominated previously in 2008, the owners believe its is the pupusa that deserves to win the Vendy Cup, all they do is bring it to their customers.

Eggstravaganza is a popular breakfast cart in Midtown that serves Mexican wraps and egg sandwiches. Creating this cart was a longtime dream for owner Arturo, working in restaurants most of his life to create the perfect blend of his family’s traditional cooking and American styles. The delicious chorizo, made by his father, a butcher, makes Eggstravanza stand out from the competition.

Chimicury el Malecon stands on West 207th street serves Dominican hamburgers called ‘chimis’, and has served Dominican food for 25 years. Business began when Washington Heights and Inwood experienced a growing demand for Dominican food after an influx of Dominican immigrants. Chimicury el Malecon has experienced great neighborhood support over the years, but recognition by the Vendy Awards would catapult them into the spotlight.

Sam’s Falafel is a vendor with 14 years serving in Zucotti Park, originally from Egypt. Owner Sam Ahmed has spent years perfecting his perfect falafel recipe, which shows in his highly desired falafel platters. Everything is made from scratch with high quality ingredients, and though Ahmed was originally a translator in Egypt, cooking has been his true calling.

Souvlaki GR has only been vending for one year, but their signature Greek food has become a staple around the Wall Street area. What makes their food unique is the Greek fries that are stuffed in the savory pitas. The truck’s owners thank their fans and customers for their fortune so far, appearing in last year’s Vendy Awards as well.

Trini-Paki Boys Halal Food is in fact owned by a woman, Fatima Khan, but named after her two sons. The food is a blend of Trinidadian and Pakistani, like Khan and her husband, and specializes in curry chicken and biryanis. Khan ascribes a very loyal customer base to her success, and the cooking skills she learned in her mother’s kitchen.

The last Vendy Cup finalist is Tamales Guadalupe, a Brooklyn vendor with 14 years of experience serving Mexican food. Mexican tamales are the specialty of Guadalupe Galicia, a single mother of five children who works tirelessly for her family. Guadalupe’s tamales are among the best in New York, with customers repeatedly coming back for a taste of their authenticity.

That rounds up the finalists for this year’s Vendy Cup. General admission tickets are sold out but VIP tickets are still available for this Saturday’s event.

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