Great, Quality Lunch: Amma Restaurant

Amma is a delightful Indian restaurant located in midtown, Manhattan on 51st Street. Aside from their delicious lunch and dinner menus and immense wine selection, their takeout lunch menu is great as well, and perfect for a delicious break in the middle of the day. The lunch specials are moderately priced, ranging from $9-$12 for a complete takeout lunch box. These boxes are more than enough for one person, and come loaded with the main dish of your choice, rice, naan, a vegetable of the day, and daal. For the main dish customers can choose from a variety of meat, cooked in different sauces, or from one of Amma’s many vegetarian specials.

Having tried Amma’s lunch specials many times before, I can attest to the quality of nearly every dish. The sauces are always rich and full-bodied, with generous chunks of tender meat in them. The rice is flavorful as well, but the sauces completely overpower their taste. Some of the richest dishes are the lamb vindaloo or chicken tikka masala. Daal is usually never a flavorful food, but Amma’s daal is mildly sweet and delicious all on its own. The vegetables vary by day, by are cooked in a traditional Indian style and complement well with the rich sauces. One of the most irresistible parts of these lunch specials is the naan. Perfectly flaky and cooked just right, the naan is packaged in tin foil to retain its heat and is delicious by itself or paired with some of the complementary sauces. Overall, Amma is one of New York City’s finest Indian restaurants, and their lunch special is a deal not to miss.You can order from Amma online here.

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