Trucks and Social Media: What to do and What not to do

                    Social media platforms have recently become the most efficient way for food trucks to advertise to their customers. Twitter in particular allows food trucks to update their locations in real time, and develop a close group of devoted followers who will receive daily news and menu updates from the truck. Most trucks have begun to capitalize on Twitter already, yet there are certain rules to abide by when marketing through Twitter. In order to get the most out of their social media experience, I recommend that food trucks take the following steps in getting the most out of their tweets.
                    Twitter is an open exchange between people, not a one-way microphone to advertise yourself. Followers will become disengaged if you do not acknowledge them as well. This means food trucks should become actively engaged in their communities, responding to their followers and recognizing their peers to build a fully interactive experience. Generosity goes a long way on Twitter, promote others just as you would have them promote you and you will be sure to build up your credibility. Acting as a useful conduit for information will gain the trust of your followers, and eventually they will retweet your information and expose you to even more followers.
                   Displaying your personality through social media is also an important way to gain a following. Social media users do not just want to see a company drone, but would rather follow someone with a sense of humor, or a relatable personality. Make your tweets memorable and insightful, these will go a much longer way than humorless, informative tweets. None of these skills can be learned overnight, and it takes time to develop a loyal following. However through content-rich tweets that abide by the 140 character limit, food vendors can turn an ordinary tweet into an extraordinary one and make all the difference in their marketing technique.
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